Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day debut

Hello again everyone. Well as you know from reading my last blog, we were waiting in anticipation of Sassy's grand debut, which I'm happy to say she decided to make on Memorial Day. The day actually turned out to be pretty sunny and with the wind not blowing as much as it had the day before, it turned out being quite a nice day. The birds were chirping, and I even got in a few good photos of a pretty blue bird. My boyfriend and I grilled some nice rib eyes which is a rare treat,but not only were we celebrating Memorial Day, but the return our our little Sassy,who by the way came looking for her peanuts as we knew she would. Spike decide to either sleep in or was out running about the neighborhood. However, he did decide to come out today, and him and Sassy were enjoying the sun and playing about. Its quite obvious they are two happy and content chipmunks, whom we are glad have made their little home in our wood pile. They know us and have accepted us as part of the territory. To us, they have become part of our family. I call them "my little backyard kids" Sassy even surprised me yesterday by eating a worm I was completely horrified, and quickly let her know it ,but just like any kid, she ignored me and ate it anyway. My boyfriend got it all on video, so it should be quite interesting to watch later on. well that's all for now. I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spike and Sassy

Hello everyone, well as you know by now the sun is shinning more these days, and the squirrels are playing in the yards, there's four whom we favor, three small ones, I've named Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. they are so animated in their playing, its a joy to watch. Then of course there's Buster. A much older grey squirrel, who is usually very curious about what goes on in our backyard. but what i'd like to share with you all most of all is to let you know that our backyard chipmunks, Spike and Sassy are starting to come out from their long winter hibernation, so far only Spike has shown his furry self. Sassy I expect is due to come out pretty soon. As you can see in the photo taken last Summer. Sassy truly enjoys enjoys her peanuts. Actually we were quite surprised that Spike is the one hanging around, and living in the wood pile with Sassy. considering the fact she ran him out of his home last year. She most defiantly didn't care to share any of those peanuts with her partner. I'm wondering if she's changed her mind, and decided to let him come back. Only time will tell for sure, well just have to wait till she makes her debut.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A tribute to Mothers Day

Hello everyone, well as you all know Mother's day is this Sunday, and and I for one would like to pay tribute to all the moms in the world who struggle each day to make ends meet, who endure their children's pains and heart aches, wishing they could make things better. For all the moms who listens when our cries are heard, who lends a shoulder to cry on when our pain is too much to bear. when ever I think of my mom, I think of a woman who always puts others needs before her own, who works hard each day to make her life a better place to live, not only for herself, but for her children as well. a woman who's heart is filled with love for all the grand-babies she is given,and for the children God has blessed her with. When I think of my mother I think of all the love she fills me with, and all the good values she has instilled in my life.
Because of my mother, I am the person that I am. so I ask you all who read this. take time to tell your mother that you love her,and how special she is in your life.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spring 2007

Spring has finally arrived! I'm glad winter is over with. The warmer weather means flowers are back and so are the critters that I like to watch. I recently video taped some squirrels in our back yard. They are so much fun to watch. When I played back the video on TV our cat watched it three times before I had to cut him off. Every once in a while he would attack the TV screen, which is so funny. We are thinking of producing a video for cats after seeing the reaction from our cat. This would be a good summer project for me because I love video taping critters. Hope you have a good spring and enjoy every sunny day.