Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lucky Lady

Hi Everyone, well looks like the stars where shining my way over the weekend, because luck was diffently on my side June 10th. My boyfriend and I decided to make a day of it and took a ride up to the St. Croix Casino in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. After we arrived and made our way into the casino, we naturally looked for what we call our lucky machine. Sad to say, it was occupied, but we weren't discouraged. I was planning to wait it out. In the mean time I took my chance and played a few other machines. I ended up winning a little bit and was thinking our lucky machine was never going to be free of other people, then I saw the lady leave and I made my move. I took the seat and quickly put my money in. A $20.00 bill, and hit the spin button. And guess what? I hit big on my first spin. Triple 777's with a 2x multiplier playing the maximum amount for that machine. Not enough for retirement, but I was one lucky lady that day.

Summer time

Hello everyone, well looks like the sun finally hit here up north and the heat is here to stay for a little while a least. I'm learning that some people here don't care for all this hot weather, but I for one love it and plan on enjoying every minute of it. I especially love it, because my boyfriend and I can get outside more, and spend the day working on the yard, our garden, and most of all lots of bar b ques.
As far as my book Lost tribe, is concern, i'm currently working on a prologue , which I think will give a much better insite on the story line its self. Its a slow process and takes some research, but its coming along pretty good.
W everyone its looks like Father's Day is creeping in on us again. well, don' wait till the last minute to get your dad that something special, that says I love you, So feel free to check out my flower site. I'm sure you'l find something nice there. besides, whoever said dad's don't deserve flowers too.
Have a great day.