Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life is harsh

Ever get the feeling that, no matter how hard you try and struggle to get somewhere in life, there's always that little something that stands in your way and knocks you back down? Well, that's basically what my life is all about. Just when I find true happiness in my life with someone I can love with all my heart, and share it with, along comes that little something that drops you off your feet,and turns your nice little comfortable world upside down leaving your life in a turmoil of confusion. That little something is called a Texas student loan which my ex-husband caused to go into default.

Not only did he screw up my life, but the school I attended has done their fair share as well, by not filing the proper paper work stating I had permission on a leave of absence. It was during this time that the school had decided to moved to a new location without even notifying me, yet the Texas student loan claims this wasn't so, because they show no proof that I had permission for a leave of absence. Therefore, I am stuck with paying for a loan that the government shouldn't even be charging me for. I guess you could say I'm just stuck with paying for every one's screw up.

This situation has put a tremendous amount of stress and strain on my relationship with my boyfriend. I will now have to work two jobs in order to pay off this debt that has threaten to drag us down in its clutches. My boyfriend has offered to pay half, but I for one feel this is my debt, and mine alone, and he shouldn't have to pay a single dime on account of my mistakes. He has worked hard for his money and it wouldn't be fair for him to feel he has to help me in some way in order to get me out of this mess. Yes, life is truly harsh, and it will nip you in the butt, and bring your world crashing down, and take away what little happiness you've known, but with a lot of hard work, I know we'll get through this.