Saturday, May 24, 2008

Love & Money

What would happen, if you found someone you really liked and you started living together. But after a few years, your partner found out that you owed the government thousands of dollars? You have the love, but he loves his money. This is basically what has happened to me. I'm in Texas right now visiting with my relatives. My boyfriend is pressuring me to ask my family for financial support. But they are dirt poor and don't have any money.

My boyfriend knows a lot about managing money. He doesn't take out loans because the interest makes the thing you are buying cost more than it is worth. It has taken him years of hard work to be able to do this. He has negotiated the debt down to a single payment of $11,300 which is due by Aug. 15, 2008. He is willing to pay half and wants me to come up with the rest before I return from Texas. He says that if my family really cares about me, they will find a way to get their share of the money.

So far, nobody has contributed anything to the PayPal account that he setup for me. If the debt doesn't get paid by the deadline, it will increase to $17,300 and continue to accumulate interest until it is paid off. So, what is the price of love? Right now for me, it's exactly $5650 (my half).