Monday, January 23, 2006

Never ending winter

I've been living in Wisconsin now for 3 years and I'm still not used to the long winters. It's completely opposite in Texas. Down there they have three weeks of winter, but here in Wisconsin they have three weeks of summer and the rest is winter... Practically. The winter days here can also be a bit confusing at times. One minute it seems like spring will arrive and the snow is almost gone and the next we are having a blizzard. People here in Wisconsin consider anything above 30 degrees warm weather. To me, it's still freezing cold. Next month is Valentine's Day, it's also the month of my birthday. My boyfriend and I are going to celebrate my birthday and Valentine's day at the casino, so wish us luck. Speaking of Valentine's Day, take a moment and check out the flower shop on my web site. There is a great selection of flowers and gifts. All of the flowers arrive fresh and on time. So if you're thinking of getting someone flowers for Valentines Day, check it out. You can't go wrong. I know, because I have ordered many times and have not yet been disappointed yet. Well, that's all for now. I Wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day, and hope the weather is warm, where ever you are.