Monday, April 28, 2008

Student Loan Donations

You may have noticed that I have a donation button on my web site. I don't know much about loans and investments, but my boyfriend says that there is no way to get out of repaying a student loan, even one that was signed by mistake. My ex-husband handled all of our money, but it turns out that he didn't make any payments when the loan came due. Now, twenty years later, they are after me to repay it. Only problem is; I don't have a job.

So as a last resort, we decided to put up a donation link on Even though Paypal is completely safe to use, I am skeptical that anyone will actually make a donation to someone they don't know. I would probably have more luck if I went door-to-door with a tin cup. That's basically what my boyfriend wants me to do with my relatives. He says that I need to ask them to donate their refund checks to me. The only problem is, none of my relatives have money, and I'm sure they are all waiting for that check to pay their own bills.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm a Natural

My boyfriend and I took a trip over the weekend, to visit with his parents, who live in Northeastern Wisconsin, which is next to Michigan, On the way back from the trip we made a short stop at a local casino in Shawno Wisconsin. While my Boyfriend played the slots, I played the three hand poker,which is card game I often play whenever I manage to make it to the casinos, which isn't very often. I didn't do to bad at this game.

I started off with twenty bucks, at ten dollars a bet,and by two rounds, I was up seventy five dollars, soon I had a little over one hundred dollars, but unfortunately someone came a long and sit in the chair next to mine,which in turns took away my winning hands, leaving me with some pretty crappy deals, so like a fool, I started doubling my bets, and eventually lost it all, so I left and tried my luck at the slots, which was pure suicide, because the slots shot me down about a good sixty-dollars right off the bat, I wanted to kick those machines.

I did however, finally win about sixty two dollars on the last slot machine, and decided to take my winnings elsewhere. My plan was to go back to the three hand poker table, but the table was full and I got tired of waiting, so I did the next best thing. I sat down at a black jack table; asked the man next to me what the hand signals were, for a hit or stand, then I was ready to play.

The bet was five dollars at a time. I started off with twenty dollars. need less to say, I've never played at a real casino black Jack table before, except once, so it was all still fairly new to me, but I was a natural at it. In less than twenty minutes. I won a good ninety-three dollars and walked away a winner. In the end, I ended up thirty dollars ahead. I don't have much to work with, but anytime you leave with more than you came with, you are a winner.