Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Retired Again

 Over the years I've held many different jobs. Most of them have been in the food service industry. My last job was working in food service for Mystic Lake Casino. For the most part I liked working there and the money was good, but I had to leave for medical reasons. It was getting to the point where I was having to call in sick at least once each week. When you are having more bad days than good, you know it's time to take a break. Unfortunately, I'm not old enough to collect social security and they don't give medical disability for my condition. How then do I pay my living expenses? Well, out of my savings until I can qualify for social security. Even then, since my work history has been sporadic over the years, I don't expect to get much. I still make dreamcatchers and jewelry when I feel up to it. That isn't enough to live on of course. I'd have to be making them non-stop and then the quality would suffer.

My writing has gone by the wayside. The amount of work it takes to write a novel is very time consuming. Without the proper motivation, it is impossible to start such a long tedious project. People don't read books anymore. If they do, it isn't going to be a book by an unknown author. The amount of effort you have to put into promoting your work is easily twice that of actually writing the darn thing, if you want to be successful and have any sales. I like to tell people that I meet that I have written a book. Somehow people are still impresses with that, even if you have only sold a handful of copies. I usually direct them to my website if they need proof. The book isn't on Amazon anymore. I never sold a single copy there.

What does the future hold? I usually don't think about that too much. I'm actually more interested in looking into the past. I spend a lot of time researching my ancestry. You can find so much information online about your family tree. The average person usually knows who their grandparents are, but a lot of people enjoy looking much deeper than that for long lost relatives. I've even taken the home DNA test. They send you a report about what part of the world your ancestors came from. Although, the information is fairly general. You need to dig into online public records if you want to get details. A lot of the census documents are handwritten, and people didn't always stay in one place very long. I've moved around a lot over the years too. Maybe I'll to write a book about that someday... for my grandchildren.

Sunday, July 04, 2021

8 Year Update

 I can't believe that 8 years have past since I last updated this blog. A lot has happened since then. Too much for anyone who isn't friends or family to care about. My writing has taken a back seat to work and other hobbies. These days I spend my time making necklaces, bracelets, and dreamcatchers. I sell the necklaces and bracelets as fast as I make them. When I wear my creations out in public, people often ask about them and I end up selling the item right then and there. The price is usually only $10, and people seem to be able to afford that. I don't make much after deducting the cost of materials. That's why I still work a full time food service job. Each week it gets more challenging because of my health issues. My doctors have been unable to figure out why my blood pressure fluctuates and my heart sometimes races. My partner thinks I have Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (Pots). There is no cure for Pots. You can only manage the symptoms. I rarely have symptoms when I'm at home. It's only when I overexert myself at work. Being a hard worker is having an adverse affect my health as I get older.

Because of the pandemic, I have been unable to visit my friends and family who all live over 1000 miles away in other states. I still need to get my enhanced drivers license and a Covid shot first before I travel. I've been putting it off getting the shot because of my health issues. Last April, just as the pandemic was getting underway in the US, I had partial knee replacement surgery. I've been dealing with side effects from that for over a year now. It took me 6 months before I could walk without aid. First I used a walker, then crutches, and finally a cane. I can manage without help now. But, I walk slower these days and have a noticeable limp. It was one of the hardest and painful things I have ever experienced. They make it sound so simple and easy. Make sure you have a high pain tolerance. After surgery, we found out that I was not able to tolerate the pain meds they were giving me. It was several days of trial and error before they come up with a prescription to control my pain that didn't cause a bad reaction. If you are considering knee replacement surgery, make sure you are healthy enough to endure the recover process. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Horrible Mega Bus Experience

Some times life can be a complete state of intrusion when you least expect it leaving your daily life in limbo.  That is what these last few months have been for me. One day life is simple and normal, then out of the blue I get an emergency medical call about my mother's health failing. So, naturally I do my best to get to Texas for her. The bus ride however, was long and enduring. An experience I shall never forget. This bus was called a Mega Bus, and I would not recommend it to anyone who wishes to travel cheap.

As for my mother, her health has improved a great deal since I first arrived.  So, I'm thinking its time I get on back home and be with the man I love and miss. Since my last trip on the bus was a complete nightmare, I thought I'd go by train. Only later did I discover that the cost would be way out of my budget and  I'd have to spend a night in Chicago. Therefore, that was not an option. So now I'm thinking, hmm? Looks like its a ride back on that horrible Mega Bus again. 

So, I go down to the bus depot that I arrived at when I first came to town, only to discover that it is now completely out of business. The local city transit has taken over the building and it is now also a Greyhound station. So, I asked  the lady to make  me a ticket to Eden Prairie MN. But, she can't find that city in her computer, and says I have to go to Burnsville MN.  When I get home, I get online and go to the Greyhound website, only it won't even let me purchase a ticket out of San Angelo. I call the 800 number and they tell me that I cannot purchase a ticket online from San Angelo because San Angelo's bus is Concho Coach. So, now needless to say, I have to make another trip down to the station to buy my ticket to Burnsville. 

If there is one thing I have learned from this whole ordeal, its that I understand why people with money fly when they have to go any distance. Traveling from State to State can be so frustrating when going by bus or train. After this trip, I have come to the conclusion that I am definitely going to lose my fear of flying, so I can get to Texas as quickly and easily as possible to avoid anymore pain and suffering in the future. It will cost more, but if you book at least six weeks in advance, you can get a better deal on airfare.